persons collectively in the employ of a business. Glossary of Business Terms

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personnel per‧son‧nel [ˌpɜːsəˈnel ǁ ˌpɜːr-] noun HUMAN RESOURCES
1. [plural] the people who work for a company or organization:

• All personnel are to receive security badges.

• the departure of a number of senior personnel

2. [uncountable] the department in an organization that deals with employing, training, and helping employees; = human resources:

• A copy should be sent to Personnel for our files.

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personnel UK US /ˌpɜːsənˈel/ noun HR, MANAGEMENT
[plural] the people who are employed by a company or organization: skilled/qualified/trained personnel »

Knowing how to handle difficult situations requires qualified personnel.


The company may consider taking out insurance against the loss of key personnel.

marketing/sales/technical personnel »

The sales personnel in a sales force evolves constantly.


military/security personnel


He has made personnel changes in the investment banking and bond areas.

[U] the department of a company or organization that deals with employees when they join or leave, when they need training, when they have problems, etc.: »

Her personnel file showed excellent performance.

the personnel department/division »

Few companies give their personnel department the same status as their finance department.

the personnel chief/manager/office »

As personnel manager of a large company, I have regular meetings with our union.

Compare HUMAN RESOURCE(Cf. human resource)

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